The Best Large Dog Crates for Big Breeds

by Pup + Bones

Looking for a reliable and sturdy crate for your big furry friend? Look no further! In this article, I'll be sharing with you the best large dog crates designed specifically for big breeds. We all know that choosing the right crate is essential for the safety and comfort of our beloved pets. That's why I'll be highlighting the importance of selecting a strong and durable option. Additionally, I'll provide you with valuable resources for crate training advice. Whether you have a tight budget or specific preferences, I've got you covered with a carefully curated list of recommended large dog crates. From different sizes and materials to unique design elements, each crate will be described in detail. Plus, I'll also touch on factors like portability and heavy-duty construction, because some dogs require extra consideration in these areas. So, stay tuned till the end, as I'll share a space-saving option for those with limited room and even mention a crate that comes with a cozy cushion!

Importance of choosing a strong and durable crate

As a dog owner, I understand the importance of providing a safe and comfortable space for our furry friends, especially when it comes to crate training. Crate training can be an effective way to potty train, prevent destructive behavior, and provide a sense of security for larger dog breeds. However, it's crucial to choose a strong and durable crate to ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved pet.

Crate training for large dogs

Crate training is not only beneficial for small dogs; it is equally important for large dog breeds. Big dogs need their own designated space where they can feel secure and relaxed. By crate training your large dog, you are not only giving them a safe haven but also teaching them boundaries and proper behavior. It is crucial to choose a crate that can accommodate the size and weight of your furry friend comfortably.

Additional resources for crate training advice

If you're new to crate training or need additional guidance, there are numerous resources available to assist you on your journey. Websites, books, and even professional trainers can provide valuable tips and techniques to make the crate training process smoother and more effective. Don't hesitate to seek support and advice when it comes to crate training your large dog.

Recommended large dog crates

Now that we understand the significance of selecting a strong and durable crate, let's explore some of the top recommendations for large dog crates. These options cater to different budgets and needs, ensuring you can find the perfect fit for you and your four-legged companion.

Different options for different budgets and needs

  1. [Brand name] Crate – This top-of-the-line crate is known for its durability and strength. It is designed to withstand the powerful jaws and big size of large dog breeds. The [brand name] Crate offers various sizes to choose from, ensuring the perfect fit for your furry friend. Additionally, it provides a secure and comfortable space that promotes relaxation, making it an ideal choice for crate training.

  2. [Brand name] Crate – If you're looking for an affordable yet sturdy crate, the [brand name] Crate is an excellent option. Made from high-quality materials, it can withstand the wear and tear of a large dog's daily activities. This budget-friendly crate still offers ample space and comfort for your furry companion.

  3. [Brand name] Crate – For those looking for a crate that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, the [brand name] Crate is the perfect choice. With its unique design elements, this crate seamlessly blends into any home decor while providing a safe and spacious environment for your furry friend.

Key features of each recommended crate

When choosing a large dog crate, there are several key features to consider. These features ensure that the crate meets all the necessary requirements for your dog's comfort and safety.


Selecting the right size crate is crucial for your large dog's overall well-being. The crate should be spacious enough for your furry friend to stand, turn around, and stretch comfortably. Measure the height, length, and width of your dog to determine the appropriate size of the crate. Remember, it's always better to go for a slightly larger crate rather than a cramped one.


The material of the crate plays a significant role in its durability. Look for crates made from strong and sturdy materials such as metal or reinforced plastic. These materials can withstand the weight and power of large dog breeds without compromising their safety. Additionally, consider the ease of cleaning and maintaining the crate when selecting the material.

Unique design elements

Some crates go beyond the basic design and offer unique features that enhance your dog's comfort and convenience. Look for crates with features such as removable dividers, double doors, or even wheels for easy mobility. These design elements can make a significant difference in the functionality and usability of the crate.

Factors to consider for certain dogs

While the recommended crates mentioned above are suitable for most large dog breeds, it's essential to consider specific factors for certain dogs. These factors can help ensure that the crate meets the unique requirements of your beloved pet.


If you frequently travel with your furry companion or need to move the crate around the house, consider a portable crate. Look for crates that are lightweight, foldable, and easy to assemble. These features make transportation and storage hassle-free, allowing you to provide a consistent crate experience for your dog wherever you go.

Heavy-duty construction

Some large dog breeds are exceptionally strong and energetic. For such dogs, it's crucial to choose a crate with heavy-duty construction. Look for crates with reinforced corners, sturdy locks, and durable materials. These features can withstand the strength and power of your energetic pup, ensuring they stay safe and secure within the crate.

Space-saving option for limited room

Living in an apartment or having limited space in your home doesn't mean you can't provide a comfortable crate for your large dog. There are space-saving options available that cater to the spatial constraints you may face.

Includes cushion for added comfort

One excellent option for limited room is the [brand name] Crate, which includes a cushion for added comfort. This innovative design ensures that your furry friend not only has a secure space but also a cozy spot to relax. The compact size of this crate makes it ideal for apartments or smaller living areas, without compromising your dog's comfort.

In conclusion, choosing a strong and durable crate for your large dog is of utmost importance. It not only ensures their safety but also provides them with a sense of security and comfort. Crate training, when done right, can be an effective tool in fostering proper behavior and a happy relationship between you and your furry companion. Remember to consider the size, material, and unique design elements when selecting a crate, and take into account specific factors like portability and heavy-duty construction for certain dogs. And if space is an issue, explore space-saving options that still prioritize your dog's comfort, such as the [brand name] Crate with an included cushion. Happy crate training!

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